Keepers are bots, scripts, other contracts, or simply EOA accounts that trigger events. This can be submitting a signed TX on behalf of a third party, calling a transaction at a specific time, or a more complex functionality.

Each time you execute such a function, you are rewarded in either tokens, or the systems native token KP3R.

Jobs might require keepers that have a minimum amount of bonded tokens, have earned a minimum amount of fees, or have been in the system longer than a certain period of time.

At the most simple level, they simply require a keeper to be registered in the system.

Becoming a Keeper

To become a keeper, you simply need to call bond(address,uint), no funds are required to become a keeper, however certain jobs might require a minimum amount of funds.

/// @notice Beginning of the bonding process
/// @param _bonding The asset being bound
/// @param _amount The amount of bonding asset being bound
function bond(address _bonding, uint256 _amount) external;

After waiting bondTime (default 3 days) and you can activate as a keeper;

/// @notice End of the bonding process after bonding time has passed
/// @param _bonding The asset being activated as bond collateral
function activate(address _bonding) external;

Removing a Keeper

If you want to withdraw your bonds, you will need first to unbond them,

/// @notice Beginning of the unbonding process
/// @param _bonding The asset being unbound
/// @param _amount Allows for partial unbonding
function unbond(address _bonding, uint256 _amount) external;

After a keeper has unbonded an asset amount, it may stop qualifying for the Filtered Access Control jobs, should they require to have bondings of that asset

After waiting unbondTime (default 14 days) you can withdraw any bonded assets

/// @notice Withdraw funds after unbonding has finished
/// @param _bonding The asset to withdraw from the bonding pool
function withdraw(address _bonding) external;

Disputing and Slashing a Keeper

Disputed Keeper

A Keeper might be disputed by a disputer if there is suspicious activity detected within that keeper.

A good behavior is expected from keepers, this includes but isn't limited to:

  • NOT working a malicious job

  • NOT sandwiching a job

In case it's disputed, the keeper won't be able to bond or activate new assets nor withdraw its unbonded assets

Slashed Keeper

Keepers that are detected to have a malicious behavior within the network (either towards the network or the protocol they are working for — eg: sandwiching a job) will get their bonded assets slashed and seized by governance

Additional Requirements

Some jobs might have additional requirements such as minimum bonded protocol tokens (for example SNX). In such cases you would need to bond a minimum amount of SNX before you may qualify for the job.

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