Disputers are governance-approved addresses with permission to dispute keepers or jobs that may have acted in bad faith. Once a dispute has started, a slasher will be in charge of evaluating what measures to take. In the meantime, the disputed address will be unable to:

  • If the disputed address is a keeper, it won't be able to:

    • Bond or activate new assets

    • Withdraw its unbonded assets

A disputed keeper can keep working jobs until is revoked

  • If the disputed address is a job, it won't be able to:

    • Have keepers work the job

    • Withdraw liquidity or token credits from the job

    • Perform a job migration (if any of the addresses is disputed)

Once the slasher has acted upon the disputed address—or decided against taking actions as a result of not considering the job or keeper to have acted in bad faith—either governance or a disputer will be able to resolve the dispute.

Disputing Keepers or Jobs

Disputes a keeper or a job.

/// @notice Allows governance to create a dispute for a given keeper/job
/// @param _jobOrKeeper The address in dispute
function dispute(address _jobOrKeeper) external;

Resolve a Dispute

Resolves a dispute.

/// @notice Allows governance to resolve a dispute on a keeper/job
/// @param _jobOrKeeper The address cleared
function resolve(address _jobOrKeeper) external;

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